Other Diseases—
Occupational hearing loss—
Many people are exposed to excessive noise levels in the work place. Most people begin adaptive behavior such as reading lips and turning up the TV long before they are actually aware that they are suffering from permanent hearing loss. Some may assume that this is a result of the aging process. In many cases hearing loss due to workplace noise causes permanent injury to the nerve cells resulting in a permanent loss of hearing. This work-related injury is compensable. You may be able to get a small disability payment for those hearing aids without spending your savings.

Asbestos-related lung cancers—
Studies have shown that workers that smoked and worked around asbestos have a multiplicative risk of contraction of lung cancer (which is distinct and separate from mesothelioma). For reasons not well understood, this risk effect from smoking and asbestos is not added together but instead is multiplied. The best thing that one who has both factors in his or her background can do is to quit smoking. The longer the cessation from smoking, the less the risk factor for cancer and other problems. To learn more about this, contact the American Cancer Society.

This Is a disease that results from the inhalation of free silica particles, silica particles, known to chemists as SO2. Silicosis is prevalent in many industries, including shipbuilding, metal and glass foundries, sand blasting, rock drilling, lens grinding, manufacture of certain abrasive soaps, machine shops, body shops, and wood-finishing shops.

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