What is angiosarcoma?.
Angiosarcomas are characterized by rapidly proliferating, extensively infiltrating anaplastic cells derived from blood vessels and lining irregular, blood-filled spaces. Angiosarcomas are aggressive and tend to recur locally, spread widely, and have a high rate of lymph node and systemic metastases. The prognosis is poor.

The causes of most cases of angiosarcoma are not well understood. The tumors may develop as a complication of a preexisting condition.

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What are the risks of getting angiosarcoma?.
The frequency of angiosarciomas is rare.
Reports show angiosarcoma of the liver with an annual incidence of 2 cases per 10 million population, rising to 2.5 cases per 1000 population in workers exposed to vinyl chloride.

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Questions for your doctor—.
Ask your doctor—
In what stage is your disease? Can radiation or chemotherapy help? Has your doctor seen or treated this disease before? Have you given your doctor an accurate picture of your history or suspected history? Is your doctor aware of the latest available treatment options? Are you a good referral candidate for treatment at any of the research hospitals or programs around the country? Will your doctor help you prepare the necessary paper work for disability eligibility based on your diagnosis? Is your cancer caused in whole or in part by exposure to Known toxins?

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