If you have a serious health issue, if you have a serious legal problem, John Dillon, is a serious lawyer who has been helping people like you for over 17 years.

The law firm of John F. Dillon maintains an extensive database of related health injuries and litigation in Louisiana and Mississippi.
About our services—
John F. Dillon, PLC is a one-lawyer firm that has worked for individuals and with other lawyers to prepare and try serious asbestos-related injury cases. We have fought to preserve medical monitoring rights for workers exposed to asbestos and other workplace toxins.

Our services are geared to handle individual cases, prepare them, and take them to trial if they cannot be settled on a fair basis with our client. We currently accept serious cases dealing with asbestos, silica, benzene, vinyl chloride, toxic chemical exposures, grain dust and occupational hearing loss.

What about the costs?
We will evaluate your case; advise you as to its realistic worth and the time tables involved to see it to resolution. If we accept your case, it means we believe in your cause. We will assemble a team of nationally recognized experts to assist us in the preparation and trial. We will travel to any location necessary to gather the evidence needed. All of the preparation costs will be advanced by the firm, to be deducted later from the settlement. That way you will not have to incur debt or spend money you cannot afford. If we are utterly unsuccessful, you will owe nothing.

How are the fees paid?
We operate on a contingency fee basis for the payment of attorney's fees. This means that you pay us a percentage off of the top of any amounts of money that are recovered. Depending on the type of case, our fees are typically 33% plus costs, as mentioned above. Our contract is clear as to how this works. The file we assemble and all of the work we do is your property.

Why hire John F. Dillon, PLC?
We will come to you. We have in depth experience in this area of the law. We understand how to put these cases together and the pitfalls to avoid. We have practiced in many courts. We have represented many individuals against local companies, large Fortune 500 companies, and foreign multinationals. We have a large amount of data available to help you prove your case. We pledge to handle your case professionally, ethically, and responsibly. You will find that it is easy to speak with your attorney, you’ll get straight answers to your questions, and your concerns are kept confidential.

Who are our clients?
People just like you. We have represented a school teacher who got exposed to asbestos from her father’s work clothes when he worked as an electrician; a businessman who began his work life at a metals plant that regularly used asbestos; a minister who stoked the boiler every winter morning as a young man at the seminary; an African American musician denied a dressing room and forced to change his clothes in the asbestos-laden boiler rooms of theaters and hotels during the days of Jim Crow in the South; a port director who regularly walked through the port asbestos storage terminal. We have represented welders, longshoremen, truck drivers, laborers, homemakers, engineers, mechanics, machinists, nurses, doctors, and plant operators. We have represented clients and their families in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

I have a great deal of trial experience, alone and with lawyers whom I regard as among the best in America.
My area of practice has centered on environmental and work place toxic hazards that often result in chronic illness or death.

I grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana.
I worked in the offshore oil and gas industry to pay for my education. I am familiar with hard industrial work and the many dangers that Louisiana workers are forced into to keep the family bills paid. I understand what it is like to face the loss of a home because you got hurt and cannot work.

I am a 1987 graduate of the LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center.
I am licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Mississippi. My prior court admissions include Eastern District of Louisiana, U.S. 5th Circuit, Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi, the U.S. 11th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

You are going to get good representation.
You are going to get direct counseling from an attorney who is very experienced in this area. And we are going to get you a fair recovery.

I will handle your case personally.
I will return your phone calls. I do not think that the attorney's billing practices should routinely take more money that the client's share. To prevent this, we often defer costs when possible.

Clients are referred by other attorneys who know of our work, and by word of mouth from other satisfied clients.

Fees are based on a percentage of what the firm recovers for you
It is a contingency fee contract. Typically John F. Dillon charges a third, which is lower than the typical fee arrangement, and it is a flat third. Many law firms have an escalation clause. They may start out at a third, but if they file suit, it is 40 or 50%, and if they have to go to appear, it can be even higher than that. When our client leaves he is going to have more money in his pocket than John F. Dillon. We think that promotes good client relations.

John F. Dillon has been fighting in the courtrooms to have the laws basically explained and defined in this area of toxins.
In Louisiana and some other jurisdictions, workers or individuals who have had toxic exposures now have the right to call on polluters and make them pay for whatever reasonable medical testing would be required to monitor their health.

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Just some of the many people who've come to us with a a serious purpose and received accurate information and help.
John F. Dillon has done shipyard litigation to virtually any work and occupation.
If it is mesothelioma, it can be somebody who is, or was a shipyard worker, tank cleaner, to somebody who has their own business and has made their fortune in life. Back when they were in college and starting ou they exposed to a toxin that is now affecting them many years later, and through no fault of their own.

Lounge Owner:
He worked in the shipyards in the 1950s

Shipyard worker:
He worked in the shipyards all of his life.

Wife of an asbestos factory worker:
She washed his clothes.

School teacher:
She got free aggregate from an asbestos factory to make a driveway.

Bus driver:
He also got free aggregate from an asbestos factory to make a driveway.

His father was a maintenance supervisor at a plant using asbestos. The policeman became ill from his father's contaminated clothing.

He began his career in a factory that used asbestos.

United Nations relief worker:
He worked in a shipyard office as an engineer for 3 years in the 1950s.

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