Should I discuss my asbestos exposure
with my doctor?

Isn't mesothelioma caused by
cigarette smoking?

If you and your doctor have not talked about your future treatment and options, you need to do so as soon as possible.
Find the right doctor for you, Ask your doctor any question you may have.
Research at your local library and on the Internet. Visit the National Library of Medicine, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Cancer Society.

Talk to your doctor. A clear history of exposure to asbestos may be useful.
If you have exposure to asbestos in your history, do not panic. Most people who do have a history of exposure do not develop disease from it. However, a well documented history of exposure information along with other historic information may assist your doctor in determining the cause of your heath problems.

Isn’t mesothelioma caused by cigarette smoking?
No, researchers have found that cigarette smoking has no relationship with whether or not you contract mesothelioma.

If I have been told that I have mesothelioma, what do I need to discuss with my doctor?
If you and your doctor have not talked about your future treatment and options, you need to do so as soon as possible.

Does your doctor or specialist have experience with care for patients with this disease?

Does he/she know of the best clinics and hospitals for help?

Can he/she help you file the appropriate medical papers to get Social Security disability?

Is he/she going to set up a plan of action for you?

Is your doctor familiar with the more advanced treatments options available around the country?

Do you need to fill out a living will and medical power of attorney?
Certain hospitals favor their own forms and procedures in this regard. In any event, keep current signed copies handy.

Is there help outside of the local area?
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, M. D. Anderson, Mount Sinai Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and many others are working with the National Iintitute of Health and the National Cancer Institute to come up with new options. Local area hospitals are studying this disease and are participating in these studies. They may have good options and helpful suggestions for you as well.

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Questions for your doctor—...
Cancer can be a heavy economic burden on both the patient and the patient's family.
A portion of the medical expense may be covered by a health insurance plan, but for individuals without insurance or who need assistance there are many resources available. Government-sponsored programs and voluntary organizations can help these individuals.

If the cancer patient is in need of assistance, it's important to discuss these concerns with the physician, medical social worker, or the hospital business administration. Organizations such as the American Cancer Society can help with additional information for local offices that may be able to reimburse for expenses related to the cancer treatment.

The AVONCares Program offers assistance to low-income, under insured, and uninsured women throughout the country. Local agencies such as church organizations, Salvation Army, Lions Club, Lutheran Social Services, Jewish Social Services, and Catholic Charities can also be found in the local phone directory

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Legal assistance from
the Law Firm of John F. Dillon—
You will get individualized attention and
a very good lawyer.
You'll find honest answers to your concerns right here and if not today,
within 24 hours;
Contact Us Now, or call 985-796-8710.

You are going to get good representation.
You are going to get direct counseling from an attorney that is very experienced in this area. And we are going to get you a fair recovery.

John F. Dllon does not take every case.
If your case is taken, it is because we have looked at your case and it is a promising one. This approach has served my clients and our reputation well. Most of my clients have my cell phone number so if they feel like they are not getting the answer they need, they can call me on the cell phone. About the only time I don’t answer is after 7:00PM.

You may need to make a comp claim against your employer.
You may also need to sue a co-employee. I can explain to you whether you want to do that or not and under what circumstances. All that business about some offers coming within months—that’s routine. Everybody in America can process a claim and get a certain amount of money collected on the front end if they want to. But it may not be in your best interest if you want to have your day in court. We will sit down with you and see if you want to go in front of a jury.

You have one year from date of diagnosis or the onset of disability to file.
If it is a state tort claim filed in district court, which is anything other than worker's comp. That is not a lot of time.

It is doubtful we can do anything to help if you wait too long to contact us.
Most victims, friends, or family members who come to us normally have just found out. But we do have cases where 10 years have passed.

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